Testing WordPress as a Website Support Blog

Still planning WP as a social media/fan site supporting blog, but going in a different direction due to the failures of prior hosts. Criticized for reliance on PHP, WordPress may actually be a significant resource because of it. We’ll see ☺.


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Amazing Sophia Varley

I found this amazing performer on YouTube….
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqF7EAmmu-k?list=UUWGRDDiiY4uF47ZjyIL3f_Q&version=3&autoplay=1&loop=1

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Unknown Horizons

I’ve been aware of this Linux-based game for some time, but it has been getting my attention more lately:  http://www.unknown-horizons.org/


Windows and MacOS versions exist as well.

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As a Heads-Up — Turn Off Your Hearing Aid

Blogs here are directed to a small group on tech issues. If you see something odd, bizarre, or incomprehensible posted, just consider the source and turn off your hearing aid… 🙂

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Onward and Upward — Autoplay Links

Shakira Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Okay, everything is going pretty well.  Let’s try an auto-play video link… 🙂
Hmm.. Went pretty well, I thought.  I like VEVO ‘s stuff.  I see that it formats differently on “Blogs I Follow.”  But if you link directly to https://ourbossfan.wordpress.com/, it formats correctly as an auto-play link.  I think “Blogs I Follow” re-formats, and pulls the link directly from Youtube.

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Kudos, WordPress — Host Install

WordPress installer swept my host install fears aside in a couple of seconds. The facts are, that WordPress will install quickly and easily if given its own way. WordPress expects to be installed to the host root directory in its own folder like this: “myowncoolweb.com/wordpress.”

I uploaded the entire zip file, wordpress-3.5.1.zip, to a test directory in the site root directory, and unzipped it. Then, moving the entire folder “wordpress” from the unzipped archive to the root as “/wordpress,” I opened a browser and typed the address in the nav bar like: “website.com/wordpress.”

The PHP installer came to life immediately, and began to prompt for the usual information. The “five minute” installation claim is a reality if the install is done in the simplest possible way. I had previously installed the mySQL database, so it was ready to receive the WordPress installation.

My initial mistakes were in not remembering that I had more than one database installed, and trying to do the initial installation from a sub-domain of the site. The initial installation should be done in the site root directory first, to get the blog up and working.


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WordPress — Desktop Installation

Okay, attempting to install WP on a web server, I got the error message that everyone seems to get universally:  “PHP not running” … even following my web host’s instructions, the error persisted.

Soooo… I went to the web and googled an excellent tutorial that showed me how to install WP to my desktop as an experimental web site:

His prior tutorial will show you how to install XAMPP which is a collection of software which enables you to run your PC as though it were a web server.  Then WordPress can be installed to operate as a blog on your PC, enabling you to experiment before taking your real blog live.

When I feel I have resolved all WP issues on my PC, I will install on the hosted server.  Amazed to see that all this works pretty well.

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Testing Quick Post

As indicated below, Boss-Fan is trying to test WordPress for use on several websites.. Best to wrestle with it here before taking it live. Need to know some things. For example, where do you set the category for this post — doesn’t seem obvious at the moment.

And can our users come on and immediately start posting without taking a course in English Lit? Nice that it checks spelling though. Let’s try a video:

Okay, I take it back — it handled both video links nicely 🙂 — Oooo, and even posted a smiley.. This is going better than I thought 🙂 — and just try to keep your feet still while watching Aishwarya Rai.

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The Boss

Just downloaded WP for use on another hosted site, and we are testing the blog software for its suitability for some of our other sites..

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