Kudos, WordPress — Host Install

WordPress installer swept my host install fears aside in a couple of seconds. The facts are, that WordPress will install quickly and easily if given its own way. WordPress expects to be installed to the host root directory in its own folder like this: “myowncoolweb.com/wordpress.”

I uploaded the entire zip file, wordpress-3.5.1.zip, to a test directory in the site root directory, and unzipped it. Then, moving the entire folder “wordpress” from the unzipped archive to the root as “/wordpress,” I opened a browser and typed the address in the nav bar like: “website.com/wordpress.”

The PHP installer came to life immediately, and began to prompt for the usual information. The “five minute” installation claim is a reality if the install is done in the simplest possible way. I had previously installed the mySQL database, so it was ready to receive the WordPress installation.

My initial mistakes were in not remembering that I had more than one database installed, and trying to do the initial installation from a sub-domain of the site. The initial installation should be done in the site root directory first, to get the blog up and working.


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