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Testing WordPress as a Website Support Blog

Still planning WP as a social media/fan site supporting blog, but going in a different direction due to the failures of prior hosts. Criticized for reliance on PHP, WordPress may actually be a significant resource because of it. We’ll see … Continue reading

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Amazing Sophia Varley

I found this amazing performer on YouTube…. [youtube

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Unknown Horizons

I’ve been aware of this Linux-based game for some time, but it has been getting my attention more lately: Windows and MacOS versions exist as well.

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As a Heads-Up — Turn Off Your Hearing Aid

Blogs here are directed to a small group on tech issues. If you see something odd, bizarre, or incomprehensible posted, just consider the source and turn off your hearing aid… 🙂

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Onward and Upward — Autoplay Links

Okay, everything is going pretty well.  Let’s try an auto-play video link… 🙂 Hmm.. Went pretty well, I thought.  I like VEVO ‘s stuff.  I see that it formats differently on “Blogs I Follow.”  But if you link directly to … Continue reading

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Kudos, WordPress — Host Install

WordPress installer swept my host install fears aside in a couple of seconds. The facts are, that WordPress will install quickly and easily if given its own way. WordPress expects to be installed to the host root directory in its … Continue reading

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WordPress — Desktop Installation

Okay, attempting to install WP on a web server, I got the error message that everyone seems to get universally:  “PHP not running” … even following my web host’s instructions, the error persisted. Soooo… I went to the web and … Continue reading

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